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Our Wini Pacific team is what makes Wini Pacific work. To deliver the best performance to the client we must operate effectively with suppliers from around the world. We understand each country has different business traditions and our experience in the Pacific and Asia has made us sensitive to these differences. 
Our New Zealand team can communicate fluently in Samoan, Fijian and Chinese. We are continuing to expand with offices in Fiji and extending to other Pacific Island nations.

Managing Director, Neville Barrett has built a solid foundation for Wini Pacific using his 30 years of experience in the supply and export, automotive and heavy machinery industries.  Living for a number of years in Fiji and Western Samoa  while working as a manager for Burns Philp’s, Neville gained valuable insights into Pacific business culture and the physical environment.

In New Zealand he has worked as the export marketing manager for Regal Salmon and was responsible for developing significant market share in Pacific and Asian markets.

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