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Do you need a client focused company with high standards of personal service and satisfaction?

At Wini Pacific our clients come first. We welcome client feedback at all stages of the project and are happy to travel to see our overseas trading partners.

Do you need a global company that understands the cultural environment your community and business operates in?

Wini Pacific is run by an experienced team of international business people operating from local offices. Director Neville Barrett has spent several years living and working in Fiji, Western Samoa, New Zealand.

Do you need a flexible company that moves with you to meet your ever changing requirements?

At Wini Pacific we recognise the volatile nature of the market place and the pressures of the external environment that affect business and community requirements from day to day.

Do you need a cost-effective company that delivers within budget?

At Wini Pacific we take the budget very seriously. We enlist consultants on a project by project basis so that our clients benefit from their knowledge of current economic pricing factors.

Do you need a knowledgeable company with the technical staff to complete every type of project?

Our team at Wini Pacific prides itself on our drive and commitment towards understanding the specific nature of each project. We enlist experienced consultants to see a project through from beginning to end successfully.

Do you need a well-established company with extensive freighting connections? Wini Pacific has a strong New Zealand base with wide-ranging freighting relationships in the Pacific and Asia regions. We regularly co-ordinate transportation from country to country.

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